Where We Operate

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Our incredible Younglife leaders at our breakfast fundraiser.  Also pictured is Dr. Santa Ono president of the University of Cincinnati.  Dr. Ono was our keynote speaker at this event.
Our teams of Younglife leaders are working at Western Hills, Dater, Walnut Hills, Clark Montessori, Withrow, Holmes, Hughes, Newport and Norwood High Schools. We have also started Wyldlife at Walnut Hills!
If you would like to find out more about Younglife and/or Wyldlife at these schools please contact team leaders listed below.

 Western Hills/Dater - Katherine Dalton (513) 470-1412
Walnut Hills/ Clark Montessori  - Jake Wenstrup (937) 689-1711
Withrow - Patrick "PJ" Tegeder (440) 666-5314
Holmes - Andrew Yokajty (937) 479-2015
Hughes - Elizabeth Holden (614) 625-7749
Newport - Lydia Sloan (513) 410-0654
Norwood - Jimi Bird (513) 708-7330
Walnut Hills Wyldlife - Eric "Sup" Supinger (740) 815-8401
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​​Where we are going
​ It is our goal to operate in all of the schools listed below (along with a few specific nitch ministries) within the next ten years.  If you share this desire and would like to connect with us about seeing Younglife at a certain school please contact the area director at 513-469-7575
Target Ministries:
Younglives- Younglife's ministry to teen moms
Capernaum- Younglife's ministry to students with disabilities
Bellvue (KY)
Dayton (KY)
Wyldlife- Younglife's ministry to students in grades 6-8
James Gamble

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