Mission and Vision



Seventy-nine percent of the students we serve are economically disadvantaged.  For far too many, their mindset is shaped by generations of fatherlessness, poor education, low employment, and high crime. Few caring adults are choosing to actively love and guide these teens during a critical, defining time in their lives – a time that will shape their motivation, their character and their future (and in turn, the destiny of urban Cincinnati).



We believe all of our unreached teens should have the opportunity to hear the most wonderful message ever told, that God loves and values them and made them for a purpose.  But that message of hope is not enough.  In order for urban teens to discover and reach their full potential, they must be actively loved by a caring adult who is present day-in, day-out. 


Young Life leaders “go in” and offer “life on life” friendship and mentoring, spending thousands of hours in the “native environment” of urban teens and seeking to reach them with a message of love, help and hope.  Young Life leaders commit to building lasting relationships with these teens, urging them on toward a brighter future in which the​y might break free from the cycle of generational poverty.  Young Life leaders also equip teens to become leaders themselves, reaching out to their high school friends, building a community that creates a positive ripple effect of change in our schools and our city.



Since 1968, Young Life has a prolific record of life-transforming influence for many individuals, families, neighborhoods and businesses, not only in Cincinnati, but across the world.  Since 2002, we have been active in public schools in Greater Cincinnati with heavy concentrations of under-resourced students (>50% reliant upon government assistance).  Our alumni include first generation graduates serving as coaches, teachers, social workers, policemen, community directors and business leaders who have indeed broken the cycle of poverty and chosen a path to live with purpose.



Breaking the cycle of generational poverty in Cincinnati is essential, and requires a concerted and collective effort.  Urban Young Life does not stand alone in the battle, but it plays a unique and vital role.  Today, our impact is limited to only 25% of target Greater Cincinnati high schools.  To offer real hope and transformation to our urban teens, businesses and individuals must join together to invest in Urban Young Life so we can expand this proven, blessed program into 100% of target high schools.​


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